wednesday, 27 september, 2000


I passed the bar exam.

Yes, you heard me correctly.


Oh my God.

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It was the funniest thing. The website said the successful applicant list would be posted no later than 1:00 on Friday, but could be up as early as today. So I checked this morning, saw nothing new, figured there would probably be no way that it would be up this soon, and I should just wait until Friday.

So I go run some errands, which included signing up at another temp agency. When I left, I checked my voice-mail on my cell phone and found a message from Mary, who I hadn't spoken to in a couple of days, which is strange for us. So I called her back.

Now, Mary works with a woman whose husband also took the bar in July. I told Mary that I really wanted to find out myself, and if she heard from her friend, that she should really try not to look, because I wanted to be the one to know first.

I wasn't even thinking about it when I called her.

Mary: "Um, I was just calling to tell you that you might want to look at your computer when you get home."

Me [in a slow burn while operating a vehicle]: "No. No way."

Mary: "Okay, I hope you're not mad, but I looked and you passed."

Me: "What??"

Mary: "You passed."

Me: "Are you sure?"

Mary: "Yep, I saw it myself."

Me [oblivious to my fellow drivers while screaming out the window and pounding on the roof of my car]: "I FUCKING PASSED!! I FUCKING PASSED!!"

Mary: "Maybe I should have told you to pull over first."

Unbefuckinglievable. I went through every name in the phone book of my cell phone and called. Most people were at work, so I just left messages, in California and Boston and Virginia and Texas. I tried my parents once and there was no answer, so I called my friend Kay and talked to her until I got home. I kept talking to her while I went online and looked at the list myself, just to make sure.

I was there.

As it turns out, my mother was just not clicking over, which she likes to do now that they have voicemail. I finally got through while she was talking to my grandfather. I asked if my dad was home, figuring that if she was the only one home I would just tell her, since I couldn't really wait that long. But he was home, so I just told her to call back.

She did, and I said I needed to talk to my father too. She said later that she thought I was calling to ask for money (which I did eventually have to do) but she went and tracked him down, outside washing the car. She was going to hand the phone off to him entirely, but I said no, everybody just put their ear up to the phone. "I passed," I said.

Squeals and cheers and laughter, and my mother went inside to get on another extension.

The thing is, I had lied to them. I knew the results would be out this week, but I told them it wouldn't be until next week, because my mother gets sympathy nerves to the extreme, and I knew I would be doing enough worrying for everyone. So they weren't expecting any news at all until October.

We talked for a long time, and then I made some other calls to more people, and then I e-mailed my girls, and sent the link to my parents so they could see it for themselves. Then it was quiet for a little while, and I called my parents again.

Dad: "How about we come out there this weekend?"

So yay, my parents are coming on Saturday and staying until Monday and sleeping somewhere else, so it's all good.

Finally, I realized that I hadn't eaten all day, so I went out to get some dinner, and I giggled in my car the entire time, but just like earlier, when I was screaming expletives, I didn't really care.

I am an attorney, licensed to practice in the state of Missouri.


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Before I go, I must confess to a long-held secret: I went to the Sting concert, two days before the bar. Can you believe that? I felt really awful after I got home, like I had made a huge mistake, and I decided not to tell anyone until I got my results, because I didn't want anyone saying, "Well, if only you hadn't gone to the Sting concert..."

I went, and studied in the car until after the opening act, and we left before the encores, and I think he brought me good luck.

Now, if only he can bring me a job.

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