sunday...19 march...2000

First of all, some Oscar business.

I have an astounding 22 entries so far, which makes me very happy. It's way beyond where I was last year with a week left before the show. But that doesn't mean YOU can't enter, if you haven't yet.

I'm feeling a little paranoid about my ability to keep track of the entrants, so here are the people who, according to me, have entered so far: Charla, Sarah, Martha, Patrick, Jessica, Kim R., Angie, Glen, Dreama, Elise, Kimberly G., Travis, Chris V., Elissa, Diski, Amancay, Saundra, Brian, Kate, Anna, Chris H., and Brianne. (Sorry for not linking everybody, I don't have the patience today! You'll be linked in the Final Standings, I promise.)

You all should have gotten a response from me. If you see your name here but never got an e-mail back, then I'm talking about somebody else with your name, so you'll need to send me your picks again.

Also, I screwed up the Documentary Short category in my list of nominees. See, apparently the third film entered is called "The Wildest Show in the South: The Angola Prison Rodeo." Now, in my list, the third film is "The Wildest Show in the South: The Angola Prison" and the fourth film is "Rodeo."

Okay. Not really sure how that happened, and I only figured this out yesterday. So if you have already entered and happened to pick "D" for the Docu Short category, I will count your answer as "C" unless I hear from you otherwise.

As for the rest of you: there's only one week left, all the critics have made their picks already, so what are you waiting for?

Okay, so, I have this paper due on Wednesday and I've already spent way too much time here and I don't want to have to work while I watch Kansas lose to Duke this afternoon, so I'll do the cop-out entry by answering the survey that's going around, even though I did it when it went around a few months ago, but I can't find it and I'm sure some of the answers are different now anyway. I probably won't be back until Wednesday night because of this paper, so read slow, then go enter the Oscar pool.

Name: Elizabeth Marie Something-or-Other

Gender: Female, but hopefully you knew that

Living Arrangement: In your best Celine Dion: "All by myself."

Your favorite TV show: (s): The X-Files, The Practice, The West Wing.

What's on your mouse pad? Don't have one. The touchpad on my laptop suits me fine.

Favorite smells: Chocolate chip cookies in the oven, the air just before it storms, "Tranquil Sleep" from Bath & Body Works, mascara.

Worst feeling in the world: The moment I realize I've forgotten to do something I've promised someone else I'd do.

Best feeling in the world: Being there when someone needs me.

Favorite soundtrack? Oh, to pick just one: I can't. French Kiss, When Harry Met Sally, The Truth About Cats & Dogs.

What is the first thing you think of in the morning? "How long can I lie here and still get to class on time?"

Do you get motion sickness? Only as a passenger in a car on mountain roads. If I'm driving, I'm fine, and I don't get it anywhere else.

Roller coasters: Scary or exciting? Exciting.

Pen or pencil? Mostly pen, mostly blue.

How many rings before you answer? As soon as I can find the cordless phone, which is the only one I have plugged in. I've actually become very brave lately. I'll even answer it without looking at the Caller ID. Such a risk-taker am I.

Favorite food? Today, it's the capellini pomodoro e basilico from the Olive Garden. Tomorrow, who knows?

Do you get along with your parents? Probably too well.

Chocolate or vanilla? I'm thinking chocolate.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Gourmet, it's all about Jeremy's Microbatch Tiramisu. Standard, chocolate chocolate chip.

Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons, especially if there's parmesan involved.

Do you like to drive? I actually love to drive. I just wish I had a better car.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals? I have them, but I don't sleep with them. They'd just end up on the floor anyway.

Storms: Cool or scary? Way cool.

What was your first car? A 1984 Honda CRX that I inherited because my brother got too many tickets with it. I loved that car.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? My paternal grandfather. He died when my father was 16. I'm just curious about him.

Favorite alcoholic drink? Amaretto sour. It was the first mixed drink I ever tried, and the first drink I got drunk from. It's my signature drink.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Diet Coke. No question. Pepsi sucks. (Hi Colleen!)

What is your zodiac sign? Sagittarius. I haven't seen any studies, but I maintain it is the most oft-misspelled zodiac. I've seen people who are Sagittarians spell it wrong. Lame.

Who's your favorite poet? Rainer Maria Rilke.

What's the last really great book you read? Some strange book about a bunch of kids at some weird school. I can't really remember it that well. (Hardy har har.)

Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes. Am I a freak? Everyone else has said no. I like broccoli.

If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? A novelist.

If you could dye your hair, what color would it be? Black, maybe? I'd look ridiculous as a blonde, and the only other choice is red, and I'd look ridiculous as a redhead too.

Have you ever been in love? Nope.

What is on the walls of your room? My bedroom: A picture of a nun holding a dove that my mother painted when she was pregnant with me. My study: Mounted posters for Dead Again and Much Ado About Nothing. My living room: A matching set of fabric displays like what cities hang from lampposts to advertise some event. They say "Plaza Shopping" and "It's the Dickens." And a 7-foot by 7-foot crossword puzzle.

What is your favorite Snapple? Regular lemonade.

Favorite movies? Oh, forget it. I can't even begin this one, except for Dead Again and Casablanca.

Are you a lefty, a righty, or ambidextrous? Righty. I can also write backwards, right to left, like in a mirror.

Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? Doesn't everyone?

What's under your bed? Some empty shoe boxes. Hardwood floors mean constant dust, so I have to keep it cleared out. Otherwise it'd be stuffed to the dust ruffle.

What's your favorite number? 27. I don't know why, but I've always liked that number.

What is your dream car or truck? No trucks. As for a car, I'll take anything that is younger than the one I have now.

What is your favorite sport to watch? Pro: Tennis. College: Basketball, but it has to be the Jayhawks or I don't care much. And yes, I know they're going to lose to Duke in the second round. There's always next year.