tuesday, the twenty-seventh of february, two thousand one
the mardi gras edition

Finishing: The Pleasing Hour. I recommend it, a nice character-driven literary novel. And it takes place in France, which is what appealed to me, because I'm all about France lately.

Reading: The FBI's affidavit for the search and arrest warrant for Robert Hanssen. It's absolutely captivating, reads just like a spy novel. Cool shit.

Listening: Eliza Carthy's Angels & Cigarettes. Have I mentioned how excellent this CD is? It is excellent.

Watching tonight: Buffy. Jesus. I told Dora this week that since I hadn't been watching the show that long, I wasn't really attached to Joyce and it didn't bother me that much that she died. Well, I don't care if you had never seen the show before in your life, this episode would have taken your breath away too.

Watching Sunday night: The X-Files. It actually didn't suck this week, except that we all know Mulder isn't dead so it was kind of silly to try to make us think that for the next two weeks. Then I watched a repeat of last season's West Wing Christmas episode, and cried. Sap.

Watching Saturday afternoon: Le Film X-Files, on DVD, en francais, because I could. Mull-dare sounded like a sissy. So did Cancer Man. Don't they have any deep-voiced actors in France?

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All right, I can't help it, I really can't, and it is all Will Ferrell's fault. I am watching our new president and his address to Congress, and I can't help but burst into giggles at every squint, every knotted brow, every relaxation of the knotted brow, every satisfied smirk, every shaking laugh. I really have to figure out some way to take this president more seriously, because it isn't happening yet. I'm just sitting here waiting for him to mispronounce something.

Retroactive. That means your money will glow in the dark. Giggle.

There we go. Repeal the death tax. That sounds good. I can get behind that.

And really, I'm all about Hillary Clinton, but is that the only suit she owns? That sky blue color is horrid.

So, we got out early today, just like in school. It snowed all day long, and at 3:00 someone came over the P.A. system announcing that the firm was closing at 3:30. I pulled out of the parking lot at 3:31 and it still took me an hour and a half to get home. I barely got out of second gear the whole way home, and it wasn't until I was a mile from my apartment that I broke 25 miles an hour.

I didn't really mind it, though. I'd much rather everyone crawl home than drive like idiots and wreck.

I went to another doctor yesterday about my back. HMOs being what they are, I have to wind my way through the system to figure out what's wrong. So away I go to a specialist, an orthopedist (frankly, I don't even know what that is), who is apparently the only one who can officially order an MRI for me.

The funniest thing about this doctor was the fact that he walked into the exam room in a sweater, cordouroys, and loafers. No lab coat, no stethescope, not even a name badge. I don't know why, but it kind of bothered me. If I'm sitting on that table in my underwear and a backless paper gown, the least he can do is reassure me that he didn't just walk in off the street.

So we basically go through the same exam my primary doctor gave me, at which point he tells me to go get an MRI and then come back a week afterwards and we'll see where we are.

Fantastic. Out the door I go at 3:30, considering for maybe a second and a half the prospect of going back to work before heading home.

I know. I've been a huge slacker lately, but it's been slow and I really haven't had that much to do. I left the office at 1:30 for this appointment, and when I got into work this morning I had no voicemail messages at all. At first I thought, "Woo hoo, no one missed me!" And then I thought, "Hey! No one missed me?" It's not exactly motivating.

I also took a personal day for Friday, big possible newspaper quote day. I did absolutely nothing but have a partial meltdown behind the closed door of my office, then went home as soon as it was over, so there really isn't any way I could make up the hours.

It's okay, though. It was worth it.