the twelfth of april, a wednesday

Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.   --Henry David Thoreau


I'm so so so way tired, but I won't tell you about it anymore because I think I'm going to be tired until, like, August.

I had to give an oral argument today in my Religious Liberty class. I represented the state on an appeal from a conviction of a couple who allowed their child to die because their religion did not believe in modern medical treatment. Twenty-five minutes of me standing up there fielding questions from "the Supreme Court" made up of the rest of my classmates.

I actually thought it went fine, but after it was over, there were a couple of people who admitted to lobbing me softball questions because they started to feel sorry for me. I never felt like I was being attacked, but apparently I was. I guess that means I can handle myself better than I think.


I'm watching an old episode of 90210 on F/X as I type this, and it's making me all nostalgic. (I only watch the old ones...once they went to college, it was all downhill.) Remember when that show had new episodes on during the summer? This was one of them, with Brandon working at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, Dylan and Brenda in full post-break-up mode after Brenda thought she got pregnant during the spring dance, Jim sitting around the house in a tie reading the Wall Street Journal. I remember this one in particular, where they all dress up like the 40's and play poker all night.

I always wanted to do that. It's been eight years and I still haven't found anyone to play poker with me.

Speaking of 90210, Carol Potter, who played Cindy Walsh, was probably my biggest non-work-related celebrity encounter. We went to the same church, and the second or third time I went, she sat in the same pew. I also went to a Celtic service they had once a month on a Thursday, and I chatted with her while we were waiting to cross the street one night. As we were going in, she finally said, "I'm Carol, by the way." I introduced myself back, and made a snap decision not to let on that I knew who she was. Given my age, she probably figured I knew anyway. But for the next couple of years, we always said hello to each other at church. She was very nice.


I've been growing out my bangs for the dumbest reason. THE dumbest reason.

It's 'cause nobody else has them.

Isn't that stupid? I looked around my class one day and noticed that none of the girls had bangs anymore.

And then I noticed that no one on TV had them anymore either.

So I haven't cut mine since September.

It doesn't matter that my face might look better with bangs. No, sirree. I am a slave to fashion trends.

Had you fooled, didn't I?

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